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After a strange & life changing year for the majority of us, I have decided to sharing on my page more about Yoga philosophy. In particular, the Yoga Sutras as they have changed my perspective on life and helped me through 2020. The Sutras teach us to turn inwards and inspired new ways on how we can communicate, think and act. They are a way to learn about the core of who you are rather than obsessing over the external world. As we step ( or fall ) into 2021 I will be sharing with you more about these Sutras and maybe they can change your perspective too.

Yoga Sutras?

Patanjali is the author of the Yoga Sutras. He was not the creator of Yoga, however he expressed his view of Yoga through a text called Patanjali-Yoga-Darsanam meaning “View of Yoga According to Patanjali”. The Yoga Sutras have become accepted as the primary text on Yoga Philosophy. Consisting of 195 small, concise aphorisms, the sutras, describes in details the human consciousness including the following:

  • How our heart-mind functions
  • How suffering happens
  • How to refine our body, breath, mind and heart to cultivate happiness and reduce negativity in our lives.

All of the significat foundations of Yoga are written in Sanskrit, most of which have no direct English translation. Learning the Sanskrit works can be a powerful way of understanding and communicating Yoga. I will break down each Sutra relating them to my personal experience, in hope that you can understand and apply these teachings to your modern life.

“The beauty of yoga  is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.”

Originally, I practiced yoga for the physical benefits. Not too long into my practice, I began to notice how much of a positive impact Yoga had on so many other aspects of my life. My mental health, emotionally wellbeing and energy levels improved noticeably and very quickly. Once you start to notice these subtle changes in you, you start to notice a change in daily life. That could be a change in your relationships, in your job or maybe a change in see certain things. A quote that I can relate to for my personal yoga journey is. “The beauty of yoga is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.”

Yoga Philosophy Changed my Life

Reading a book about The Yoga Sutras, it was the first time I learnt about the key physiological concept of Yoga. It changed my life for the better. These teachings changed my perspective on life and I am forever grateful for this. They changed how I would react to situations, helped reduce the amount of overthinking that went on in my head and gave my answers to certain behaviours of myself and others around me. I hope by sharing with you all in the New Year these teaching, they can maybe spark something in you too.

It’s all in the Core

The Yoga sutras teach you about the core of who you are, and how that core affects everything in your life. Giving us directions when handling life’s ups and downs, by theoretically explaining the structure of human consciousness, these sutras can relate to us all one way or another. Teaching us to be fully present in each moment, the good, the bad and everything in between. Showing us in a simple format, how to become happy and fulfilled human beings.

Take what you need

Yoga is meant to be experimental. It is for everyone and has a way of uniquely fitting into each of our lives it’s just about finding what works for you. We are all different, no single being is the same. We all have different needs, emotions, paths and life isn’t one size fits all. To find your way and what works for you, it’s all about experimenting, testing, trialing, failing and succeeding to find what works best for you! In relation to your Yoga journey, if you are here for just the physical practice and that’s all you need, that is more than ok. If you would like to dive deeper into the abyss of Yoga, there’s nothing stopping you. I am here to welcome, teach and guide you on your journey, whatever that means to you.

When reading my words or attending my classes please take what you need and leave the rest behind. 

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