Meet The Team

Laura Bunting

Yoga Teacher & Founder

My name is Laura, I am a yoga teacher soon to be based in Chelsea, London ( January 2021) . I believe that Yoga is for Everyone and my goal is to show the world that they too can enjoy yoga for whatever reason suits them. For some yoga is physical exercise which makes you feel good and enough as it is. It can also be a great form of rehabilitation for an injury. Help you manage your mental health or maybe just gives you a focus. Through my classes I aim to give you that space which is yours. 

Yoga, as a physical practice, is so powerful itself without the addition of pranayama, sutras and all the other beautiful aspects which make yoga so wholesome. It gives you that time to be completely present in the moment with what you are doing. No time to think about dinner, work or whatever is going on in your mind as you focus on planting your left foot down, right leg back, chest parallel to the mat whilst focus on your thumb… You don’t know until you try… and it’s better an opps than a what if!

In my classes, 1:1s and online, I share with you the aspects of yoga that I love and invite you to take what you need to carry on your own journey.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I am always open for a chat!

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Poppy Shead

Retreat Manager & Admin


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